Dabir Surface Overlays
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The Dabir Controller

Prevent hospital-acquired pressure ulcers with the Dabir Therapeutic Surfaces control unitConstructed from durable, easy to clean materials, the controller is designed for table-top positioning. The controls contain an air pump that quietly and safely delivers the alternating inflation pressure and microclimate air flow to the overlay.

The Dabir controller features:

  • Easy Power Activation
  • Smart interconnect System
  • Cycle Speed Control
  • Firmness Control

Download the DabirAIR controller specs here! Download the Dabir Overlay brochure

Dabir Overlays provide an innovative solution to aid in the prevention of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in medical / surgical units, intensive care, emergency departments, dialysis and many other health care environments. 

DabirAIR Controllers are part of a system to help reduce risks of facility-acquired pressure ulcers

Please call one of our clinical consultants today to learn more about how DabirAIR® Micropressure and Microclimate Overlays can become part of your hospital's continuum of care.