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Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlays

DabirAIR micropressure overlaysDabirAIR® alternating-pressure mattress overlays are an innovative continuum-of-care solution which provides micro-environment support and relief for patients who are immobilized for extended periods of time during their hospital stay.  Used on surgical tables, medsurg beds and recovery chairs, DabirAIR Overlays aim to enhance perfusion and reduce risk of pressure ulcer formation.

Operating Table Overlays

The DabirAIR Micropressure Operating Table Overlay was developed as a new and innovative tool for surgeons and perioperative professionals alike to help reduce the risks of deep tissue injury and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers resulting from long surgical procedures in the OR. The DabirAIR System:

  • Provides low-profile, alternating support and tissue relief with minimal patient movement,
  • Reduces skin-shearing effects which can result from immersion and alternating inflation,
  • Overlays are semi-disposable and multi-patient-use with standard hospital cleaning,
  • Overlays are intelligent, X-ray translucent, easy-to-deploy, and
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suite most any procedural need.
DabirAIR Micropressure is an alternating pressure mattress overlay

MedSurg Bed Overlays

DabirAIR Micropressure MedSurg Bed Overlays are designed to preserve the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulatory components of blood flow by providing localized alternating support and tissue relief along with minimal immersion and inflation related skin-shearing effects. DabirAIR MedSurg Bed Overlay features include:

  • Thin, low-profile design that is only 1” thick when inflated,Download brochure for DabirAIR alternating micropressure mattress overlayDownload the Dabir Overlay brochure
  • Positions over standard mattresses or support pads and is covered by conventional linens,
  • Electronic intelligence for automated replacement monitoring, and
  • Multi-patient use with standard hospital cleaning protocols (Easy wipe-down cleaning)

 DabirAIR critical care overlays

Please call one of our clinical consultants today to learn more about how DabirAIR Micropressure Overlays can become part of your hospitals continuum-of-care approach to pressure ulcer prevention.

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