Dabir Surface Overlays
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  • Dabir Alternating Pressure Overlay in use on an operating table.
Pressure ulcer prevention device pump known as the Dabir Controller

Innovative Support Technology for Pressure Injury Prevention

Dabir Surfaces, Inc. introduces a breakthrough in surface support technology for individuals who are immobilized or otherwise at risk for pressure injury formation. Dabir surfaces systematically aim to preserve the primary circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow associated with healthy tissue perfusion. Performance characteristics include alternating nodal support / relief with reduced skin shear effects, an optional microclimate feature for removing excess heat and moisture, and a design that enables easy roll-out installation in a disposable surface for infection control benefits. Learn more about Dabir surfaces and pressure injury prevention!

INDUSTRY FACTS: Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU's) cost the U.S. health care industry more than $2 billion annually and are now considered a "Medical Never Event" by Medicaid & Medicare. With the average cost of treatment approaching $35,000 per case, providers must improve the quality of patient outcomes while minimizing their potential liability.

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